What is Makuake?

このエントリーは外国人の方向けのMakuakeの概要説明です。Makuake is a Japanese crowdfunding platform.This article is a description of Makuake.

What is Crowdfunding?

“Crowdfunding” is a compound word that is made up of two Englishwords: “Crowd” and “Funding”. Crowdfunding is one kind of platforms on the Internet, which supports entrepreneurs to fund their projects,in order to accomplish them.

Why CyberAgent launchescrowdfunding platform

CyberAgent is a Japanese venture company to be the 21st century'sleading company providing with Internet based services.Nowadays, it is known that many motivated and skillful entrepreneurswho have ideas of epoch-making values give up their dreams.We want to be a partner of those people who are enthusiastic, havingunique techniques and ideas as well, and we want to encourage them tomake their dreams come true.

What can a project initiatordo with Makuake?

You can implement your creative idea with our service. We, the Makuake crew will wholeheartedly support you. Not only your idea can be carriedout, but also you will be able to meet your supporters here in Makuake as well.

What can the supporter do with Makuake?

You can offer financial support to the projects that you are interested in. When the project has been successfully funded, the supporters willreceive special returns that are offered by the project initiators forparticipating.

Rules of fundraising in Makuake

▼Project type – Model of support after fundraisingThis model is called "All-or-Nothing" and it is a typical crowdfunding model. With this model, the actual financing will  only be executed if a pre-determined minimum fundraising goal is successfully achieved. If the total amount of the raised fund does not reach the goal, the financing will not be executed.If a project is underfunded under this model, the supporters will not getany return. This is the ideal way to see the responses from supporters and public responses against your initial idea.▼Project type – Model of Real-time supportThe project initiator can freely set the minimum goal of fundraisingamount and/or its deadline; moreover, he or she does not have to set them if unnecessary. Unlike “All-or-Nothing” model, all of the fund collected will be handed over to the project initiator.This model is fitted for supporting some projects that are in progress,and/or products which already exist. Every supporter shall get returns which are offered by the project initiator.▼Handling FeesAdvertisement is free and the project initiator can take 80 percent of the total raised amount, while Makuake will take 20 percent if the fundraising is successful. The credit card charges will be paid by Makuake.




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